About Me

An existential crisis led me on a journey of self-inquiry and meditation more than a decade ago. What appeared as a disaster turned out to be my catalyst for self-healing and awakening. I realized that wholeness can't be found out there; it can only be reclaimed within. In order to create the life we desire, we need to process past traumas and integrate our shadows. Healing and growth go hand in hand. The more we heal, the more we open our capacity to experience peace, love, and happiness. Along my path, I discovered the joy of accompanying others on their journeys to wholeness. Life is a great teacher. I continue to learn from my mistakes and face my challenges with unconditional self-love.

My study includes Ericksonian Hypnosis Master Practitioner program,rgram, Non-Duality, Zen meditation, Vipassana meditation, Reiki, energy work, vocal toning, crisis negotiation, and Bachelor of Fine Arts program, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

I spent my childhood and early teen years in Asia and came to the US in the early 90s. Before working as an intuitive, I had worked as a creative for two decades in art direction & imaging.

I love nature, dancing, jazz, and drumming.



Our beliefs create our reality. Our life is a reflection of our internal state. We can look at a repeating, undesirable theme we experience in our life as a messenger bringing great insights into how we think and feel. We can use this theme as a way to understand our internal state, and it is from this standpoint, we can begin to empower ourselves by making necessary changes within.

 If we don’t like the recurring theme we experience in our lives, we have to heal aspects of ourselves that are creating these undesired outcomes.

Our suffering is like an invitation from the universe for us to transform. If we look at our challenges from an egoic perspective, we feel victimized. If we see our challenges as a call to transform ourselves, we can wake up to our unique gifts and begin consciously creating the lives we desire.

Many limiting subconscious thought patterns and negative emotions are the results of past hurts. Releasing old conditioning, changing negative core values, and adopting a self-loving perspective are an integral part of healing our mind, body, and spirit.

I believe in divine intelligence and listening to the powerful force within. I am not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. I provide equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of people’s gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, or belief.


"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Joseph Campbell