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Wholeness of Being

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. I am dedicated to guiding you towards feeling whole within yourself: mind, body & spirit.


Hi, I'm Jo Liu.

I'm an NYC holistic guide & hypnotist dedicated to guiding you towards greater self-healing, inner peace, and freedom. My heart-centered approach guides you to shift limiting subconscious beliefs, uncover your authentic self, and live in alignment with your purpose. I aim at helping you harmonize your mind, body, and spirit with mindfulness strategies and practical spirituality. I believe we all carry our sacred truth within. It's my joy to see you discovering your essence and expressing your unique gifts in the world.

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety, negative patterns you find hard to shift, and relationships that constantly leave you feeling drained? Are you troubled with painful memories that are hard to heal? Is your inner critic ruling your life and damaging your confidence? Do you question your worth and find it hard to love yourself?

I am here to help you release energetic barriers, connect with your power, and tune into your heart's intuitive wisdom.
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Heart-Centered Approach

Making choices that are aligned with your purpose, value & intuition. My approach incorporates Hypnosis, Guided Imagery & Energetic Alignment.


Shift limiting subconscious beliefs. Increase self-insight and inner resources.


Enhance functioning and performance. Cultivate Inner peace and calm.

Spiritual Coaching New York

Release emotional blockages. Tap into your intuition and innate healing wisdom. 

Areas of Focus


Live in the present moment. Be in the flow.  

Heartful Living

Align with your purpose, value, and intuition. 


Release resistance. Let go of control. Set yourself free.

Release Conditioning

Release negative patterns and limiting self-beliefs.

Shadow Work

Meet the repressed/ hidden parts of you.


The Joy of being you. Your essence and gifts.


Personal healing and transformation.


Understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Integrate your mind, body and spirit. 

Green Leaves

“Working with Jo Liu is a next-level experience in personal growth and healing. When I reached a point where traditional therapy and intuitive counseling weren't getting me to where I wanted to be with my physical and spiritual health, I searched for an alternative. I found Jo's site and knew immediately I wanted to work with her. I'm glad I trusted my instincts. If you're feeling like I did - ready to move to the next level of health, success and happiness, I highly recommend Jo to get you unstuck."  - Rae C

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Ready for your 


If so, my sessions might be right for you. During our sessions, I will help you shift old conditioning, integrate the past and present, and uncover your authentic self. You learn to develop self-trust, release what no longer serves you, and cultivate inner resources. You can take back your power and move forward with strength. All sessions are hosted online with Zoom. 

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Working With Me

Schedule a free phone call now and discover how I guide you towards greater healing & well-being.



I respect your privacy and confidentiality. 

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